Introduction to Minions: Names and Descriptions of These Lovable Characters

By now most people know who the minions are. Minions are little, yellow fellows featured in the movies; Despicable Me (2010), Despicable Me 2 (2013), and Minions (2015). They are also featured in many videos, short films, documentaries, and video games, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (2010), Banana (2010), Home Makeover (2010), Orientation Day (2010), and more.

Minions are almost similar to each other in shape and size except for a few characteristics (physical and behavioral). They are adorably small, yellow, and cylindrical in shape. They have a few ranges of hairstyles; all of them wear blue overalls with Gru’s emblem on the front, black gloves on both 3 fingered hands and metallic goggles. They are either one-eyed or two.

They are impetuous, naïve, hard-working, and loveable. They can be really irritating at times but their wide-eyed wonder and innocence have left the viewers with no other choice but to love them. Their weird gestures, conversation, and frolics are relatable to the viewers and they bring out a plethora of LOL occasions.

Minions can be evil but they are cheerful and fun-loving creatures. They are technically advanced as you can see them build and operate various weapons, use computers, and even drive. They love bananas, apples, potatoes, and bottoms. These little guys go crazy when they hear ‘butt’ or ‘bottoms’.

They are henchmen of Gru. They are extremely loyal to Gru and Dr. Nefario and ready to do anything to please them; likewise, Gru also treats them in a friendly way and appreciates their hard work and support. He even knows them all by their names and you will too, after reading this article.

Minions’ Profile

Now let us get down to the real business. Below you will find the names and descriptions with individual pictures of minions.


Dave is a slim-built minion with flat, combed centre-parted hair and two eyes. He is one of the minions having a major role in the movies. He is a smart minion who is kind, caring, and without a doubt, funny. He loves his rocket launcher and playing video games on a Playstation with his friend Stuart. He also loves ice cream; you can see him still eating ice cream when Gru calls him and Stuart while having an ice cream party.

Dave gets more excited than the other minions. You can see him shooting his bazooka before Gru shares his big plan of stealing the moon, resulting in the exploding fountain of minions for which he gets a punch in his arm and is shamed by Gru. He is the first minion in line to get a goodnight kiss from Gru.

He loves Gru and is very faithful to him. As soon as he gets a call from Gru to rescue him and Lucy, Dave rushes to do so with Stuart. Gru paints Dave and Stuart purple as a disguise of evil minions when they go for the rescue of Lucy who is kidnapped by Eduardo.

You can see his appearances in other short movies besides Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. He appears in Home Makeover, Orientation Day, Puppy, and a mobile game, Minion Rush.


Stuart is the shortest (now Bob is the shortest) minion, having center-parted hair and one eye. He is very sincere, innocent, playful, and funny. He is skillful at playing video games and loves playing video games with his friend Dave.

He has a somewhat rebellious attitude and is considered to be a slacker. Instead of listening to the rules and following them, he rather prefers to chill out and play the ukulele. He is always hungry and sees bananas almost everywhere and everyone.

He loves playing with Margo, Edith, and Agnes. He ends up playing with the girls, throwing toilet paper all over the place while he and Jerry are asked to watch the girls by Gru. He is a glow-in-the-dark minion as he was shaken and turned into a glow stick by Jerry when they, along with Gru were in the ventilation shaft while escaping from Vector’s house.

The scene is hilarious like Silas Ramsbottom says when Stuart meets Ramsbottom for the first time and starts laughing saying ‘bottom’. Stuart is seen dressed as a girl when Gru works as undercover as the owner of a cupcake shop in the Paradise Mall. He is at the ice cream party when Gru calls him and Dave. When Dave is driving the car, Stuart is pushing the accelerator when they are going to rescue Gru and Lucy.

He is the only minion to be identified in all three movies, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, and Minions retaining the same appearance under his name, Stuart.


Bob is a cute, short, one-eyed minion with spiky hairs in Despicable Me. Besides having the common physical characteristics of minions, he also possesses the additional physiological characteristics of surviving without air. Currently, he is in outer space, orbiting the Earth without oxygen.

He drinks the Anti-Gravity Serum made by Dr. Nefario when Dr. Nefario was presenting the effect of the serum to Gru. Unlike other minions who drank the serum, floated upward, and stuck at the ceiling, Bob starts to float upwards and into the sky through the window that Dr. Nefario accidentally left open. After that, he appears three times in the movie.

In Despicable Me 2, he is seen auditioning with Stuart and Kevin for the film, Minions.

Bob is the shortest and bald minion with two eyes of different colors (green and brown). He carries around his stuffed teddy bear called Tim and loves playing with it. He is kind of childish and immature; he finds love in everything. Bob is also known as King Bob. In Minions, he is one of the minions in trio of the Kevin’s journey. He accidentally wins Scarlet’s challenge by swallowing the ruby in Villain Con.


Jerry is a slim-built minion with short spiky hair and two eyes. He is cheerful and playful. He enjoys playing with the girls. We can see him playing with Stuart and the girls with toilet paper when he and Stuart are asked to watch the girls by Gru. When Edith blames her minions, Jerry goes ‘Whaaaaaatt???’ in disbelief.

In Despicable Me 2, Jerry is a two-eyed, short, and plump minion with buzz-cut hair. He is sensitive as Kevin teases him for being a coward and also he gets scared easily by the strange noises. He loves playing guitar as he is seen at the beach after his abduction.

When the minions are having an ice cream party, he and Kevin are asked to look after the girls by Gru. Jerry sings a caring lullaby to the girls at bedtime. After that, they decide to play golf, and the ball is planted in Jerry’s mouth. When Jerry and Kevin are fighting, a light shining from above interrupts and Jerry gets abducted by Eduardo. He is the second minion to get abducted.

He also appears in Training Wheels and Minion Rush.


Carl is a plump minion having two eyes and sprout-cut hair in Despicable Me. He is fun loving guy and enjoys having his friends around. You can see him in the credit.

Carl, Tim, and John are competing for who can reach the farthest. When John announces Carl as the winner, Tim jumps and makes Carl fall while John blows the whistle. Carl reaches the farthest the second time as well and laughs, for which he gets hit by Tim with a ping-pong racket.

In Despicable Me 2, Carl is a small, one-eyed minion with buzz-cut hair. You see him in the fire scenes, when Gru sets his phone on fire, shouting ‘Bee do Bee do…’ with red flashlights on his head acting as a fire siren. Gru gets annoyed with the sound and takes his megaphone but he continues until he gets sprayed with a fire extinguisher by Stuart.

He also appears in Minion Rush, the mobile game.


Before getting shrunk, Kevin is a one-eyed minion with short buzz-cut hair but has combed hair when he gets back to his normal size. He is the first minion to be addressed by name. When Gru assembles all the minions to share his plan of stealing the moon, Kevin greets Gru.

During his presentation to Mr. Perkins, Gru attempts to use the shrink ray on Jerry but he misses and shrank Kevin instead. But later he reverts back to his original size.

He appears in Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem with the same physical characteristics. But in Despicable Me 2, he is tall, has two eyes, and sprout-cut hair; usually dressed in golf apparel. He loves to make fun of his friends and tease them. He also loves playing golf and cricket. After Jerry sings a lullaby to the girls, he and Kevin decide to play golf; the ball is planted in Jerry’s mouth but Kevin plans to hit Jerry instead.

He gets abducted by Eduardo after Jerry, though he tries to escape. He is then shown at the beach with other minions that were kidnapped. Later he is transformed into an evil minion using PX-41 serum. Eduardo then sends Kevin after Gru to attack. But he is reverted back to the original minion by Dr. Nefario using PX-41 Antidote before he could attack. Several other minions pile on top of him thrilled to have Kevin back.

He is the protagonist in Minions. He leads the Minion Tribe to find the perfect master for them, recruits Stuart and Bob then heads out for the mission. He saves his friends Bob and Stuart from Scarlet Overkill and Herb Overkill. He swallows a missile trying to stop the Overkills from escaping, seems like he dies but he survives the explosion. He is knighted by Queen Elizabeth; other minions start calling him their ‘new boss’ and they chase Gru at the end of the movie.


Tim is a tall, two-eyed minion with sprout-cut hair. He loves playing boss and is usually seen dressed as a mature guy like Dad, wearing a beard and tie. Gru asks Tim, Phil, and Mark to get Agnes a new unicorn. Tim dresses up like a dad while going to the store. There he gets excited seeing a chair and tries that massaging chair; he actually enjoys it. After that, he joins Phil and Mark to sing Copacabana.

You can see Tim with Dave and Stuart when Gru announces his new job. He is also seen with Gru at the mall taking cupcake recipes from Gru. Tim gets kidnapped by Dr. Nefario with other minions. He gets turned into an evil minion later and with other evil minions, he chases Gru and normal minions. But later he and other evil minions get turned back into normal minions with Dr. Nefario’s antidote. He is dressed as a policeman in Y.M.C.A.


Mark is a slim-built, two-eyed minion with flat, center-parted hair. He is seen dressed up as a mother when Gru asks Tim, Mark, and Phil to buy Agnes a new unicorn. He is the mother in the trio while going to the store and there he discovers karaoke. He is the first one to sing Copacabana and he sings his heart out.

He is one of the minions who got kidnapped by Dr. Nefario at the ice cream truck. He is seen at the wedding of Gru and Lucy.

In Despicable Me, Phil is a short, one-eyed minion with combed, center-parted hair. He is dressed up as a baby in the trio while going to the store to buy Agnes a new unicorn.

In the store before joining Mark and Phil in singing Copacabana, he is seen popping up the soda bottle. He later gives Agnes a toy unicorn and gets a kiss from Agnes in return.

He has two eyes and short spiky hair in Despicable Me 2. He is seen dressed up as a French maid, vacuuming the foyer when Dr. Nefario rings the bell. He answers the door and is then captured by Dr. Nefario.


John is a one-eyed minion with combed hair, dressed as a referee as seen in the credits of Despicable Me. When Tim and Carl compete to go to the farthest, John is the one measuring and whistling when they fight.

He is shot out of the cannon by two minions and crashes on the screen. He does the hand puppet of Gru saying ‘Hello, I am Gru. Back to Work! Back to Work! Back to –’, gets caught by Gru and walks away.

In Despicable Me 2, John has two eyes and combed hair. He acts as the boss of working minions while making jelly. He wears a white construction hat and instructs other minions to do things. When he is given jelly to taste, he breaks the jar of jelly and scrapes jelly off his tongue with his hands.

When evil minions are sprayed with jelly with an antidote on the roof of Eduardo, all turn to normal minions except John. Later Steve throws some jelly at him when he roars at Steve. He again scratches jelly off his tongue with his hands after getting back to normal.


Josh is short, plump, and has two eyes. He loves scanning his butt and laughing. Josh is seen sitting on the copy machine, scanning his butt; Stuart and Larry start laughing at the scanned picture of his butt and Josh joins them laughing.
Josh gets a kiss from Gru

He is the fourth minion in the line to get a goodnight kiss from Gru. When Dave cuts in line and Gru recognizes him, Josh gives Dave a punch on the back of his head.

In Despicable Me 2, when Gru sets his phone on fire Josh enters the room dressed as a fireman with Jorge and Carl. He is one of the few minions who are not turned into evil minions.


Steve is a cute and small minion with one eye and combed hair. He shows his feelings right away. Dave fires a rocket launcher when Gru is about to tell his plan. It hits a group of minions resulting fountain of minions. When Gru was shaming Dave Steve walked up to him and threw a punch in his arm.

When Dr. Nefario’s kidnapping ice cream truck comes to Gru’s neighborhood, Steve is the one who yells ‘Gelato!’. He is the last minion to be seen kidnapped. He is awakened by Kevin at the beach who gives him a banana. Steve then removes his overalls, gets into the water, and swims with his banana. He is the first minion to be seen naked.


Donny is funny. He has one eye and buzz-cut hair. He loves singing and dancing but he is sometimes stupid. When John and Paul ask him to carry the fruits, he jumps into the fruit tub and gets fruits on top of his. He then sings Chiquita Banana and dances but then he falls. He gets his head stuck in a jelly jar and he is seen like this throughout the movie.

He is also seen at the beach and gets turned into an evil minion with his head stuck in a jar. He gets reverted to a normal minion and is seen dancing to the song Y.M.C.A.


Ken is a tall minion with two eyes and sprout-cut hair. Ken works in the mail room along with Mike. He is a slacker and loves to spend his time playing video games rather than working.

When Mike turns into an evil minion accidentally and eats all the packages, Ken continues playing video games. Ken saves the kittens from being eaten by Mike.


Mike is small and sweet, has two eyes and combed hair. He is an obedient and hardworking fellow. He works in the mail room along with Ken. He turns into an evil minion after being splashed with an expired PX-41 serum. He eats all the packages when Ken plays video games.

When he is changing back to normal, he almost eats a box of kittens but Ken saves them. When Mike coughs out the remaining serum in his body, the serum gets on the kittens mutating them and they attack Mike and Ken.


Paul is a tall, two-eyed minion with sprout-cut hair. He is quite mean and is not funny like other minions. He is the one using the computer and writing Gru’s CV when Gru talks to Ms. Hattie to get the girls. He is the second minion to get a goodnight kiss from Gru.

He is seen with Donny when they are stepping on the fruits and he is later seen at the beach with Jerry playing guitar after the abduction. He gets turned into an evil minion but later reverts back to normal with the antidote added jelly. He also appears in Cow in a Can and Banana.


Lance is a small, one-eyed minion having buzz-cut hair. He loves dancing and singing. Also, he is a clean freak. You can see Lance placing some newspaper or magazines on a table when Gru is surfing about El Macho on his laptop.

When the internet connection is lost, Gru calls Kevin and gets no response. Gru asks Lance where Kevin is but Lance just shrugs, pretends to fart, and walks away.

He is the minion with the cloth tied around his head and carrying a bucket of cleaning supplies that appears after Phil gets kidnapped by Dr. Nefario. He notices the vacuum cleaner left on and door left open he checks outside and closes the door.

He reopens the door, cleans the knob, and closes the door. He is one of the minions who don’t get kidnapped and turned into an evil minion.


Larry is a small, two-eyed minion having short buzz-cut hair. He loves shooting missiles and dancing. Gru orders him to fire missiles at Vector’s ship when Vector steals the shrink ray gun from his ship which they had stolen from Vector’s place.

He is the one playing music for girls to do recital and he dances in front of the player until one-eyed minion comes and pushes him.

When minions were given jelly to taste, Larry was the first minion to taste. Disgusted with the taste, he then gives jelly to John.

He also gets turned into an evil minion with many others and comes back to normal after Agnes shoots him and others with her jelly gun. He also appears in Banana. He is the one who takes out a banana from his bag.


Jorge is a small minion having two eyes. He is seen dressed up as a fireman along with Josh and Carl when Gru sets his telephone on fire.


Tom has two eyes and short buzz-cut hair. He is seen with Stuart cleaning up for Agnes’ birthday party. They see Lucy kidnapping Gru and go after Lucy’s car. He manages to get in the back of the car and grabs Stuart by his tuffs. Later they were knocked out by Lucy with her lipstick taser. He and Stuart laugh when they hear Silas Rams ‘bottom’. When they were getting back home, he was the one telling Gru to keep rowing the boat.

Tom is likely to be the first minion to be injected with PX-41 serum and turned into an evil minion. He was tied next to Kevin before they both were injected with the serum. He is seen dressed as a maid. Gru turns him into a normal minion with the jelly gun when El Macho throws Tom, the evil one at Gru during the final battle.


Norbert is a stupid, one-eyed minion. He appears in the Minions. He is always the last one. He is the one who is naked when coming out of the ocean, soon he realizes he is naked, and he immediately goes back into the water and comes out with two starfish stuck on his body.

The narrator calls him an idiot at that moment. When Yeti chases the minions, he is the last one to run. During the credits, when minions were chasing Gru for a banana, he was the last one.


Chris is a short, cute minion with one eye and short spiky hair. He is also seen in Minions. He is good friends with Bob.


Darwin is a cute minion with one eye and centre-parted hair. He appears in the short video ‘Banana’.

When Larry takes out a banana from his bag, Darwin notices and fights with him as Larry doesn’t want to share it with him.